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Estado 29 Orphanage


TEAM LEADER: Khoa Nguyen

Contact: 818.913.7630


Phuket Sunshine Village Foundation

SOS Children's Village Phuket


Fundraise for Community Project Support Fund (CPSF). These funds go to student-initiated projects that build up local communities.


Support International Projects in Mexico, Uganda, Costa Rica, Vietnam & Thailand.


Team building – Tell your friends about GMG and invite like-minded individuals to our events.
Natalie Rousseau

Natalie Rousseau

Team Leader

Khoa Nguyen

Khoa Nguyen

Assistant Team Leader

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Sample 1

Team Member

Sample 1

Sample 1

Team Member

Current Project: Thailand Orphanages

Project launch date: April 25th, 2018.

This small locally run orphanage can be described as one big family, thanks to the warm hearts and hard work of staff and volunteers, these children who were affected by the 2004 tsunami, now have a safe, happy and supportive environment to live in.

Whether you are talented at teaching, baking, art, computers, writing, sewing, gardening or construction, there is a way for you to contribute.

Volunteering at the Southern Thailand Orphanage is a great chance to work with children from all walks of life. Not all children at the orphanage are without parents, some children may still have one or both parents, but for reasons of un-employment, remarriage or being neglected in the home and the child cannot be cared for; the orphanage realises the need for a safe place to live and does its best to provide this in a small friendly and safe environment.

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Mexico Orphanage

We work with Three Amigos Orphanage Foundation to fundraise and support a Christian orphanage named Estado 29 located in Ensenada Mexico.

Project background:

Today it is the home of approximately 70 children with the total reaching over 100 at times. The Glendale Sunrise Rotary Club of Glendale, CA, under the leadership of Frank Lopez, Ray Rangwala and Jorge Vazquez, has supported the orphanage for more than 18 years. The project began through a family connection of Glendale Sunrise Rotarian Frank Lopez. Initially looking for an international project to support. Frank and others visited several orphanages. As soon as they visited Estado 29, the club knew it had found a very special place.

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